VirusBank Platform Vision

‘Towards a world free of viral epidemics and pandemics’

A test platform to aid in the development of therapeutic and preventive measures


‘There is also a plethora of human viral diseases against which no therapy or vaccines are available, yet urgently needed’


VirusBank Platform Vision

Aiming for a world prepared to efficiently control future epidemics or pandemics


‘Despite the fact that only a limited number of viruses have been identified today, it is anticipated that the next epidemic/pandemic virus will belong to a known viral family


Our Mission

Maximize societal preparedness against future epidemics and pandemics by developing a state-of-the-art assay toolbox for relevant virus families to facilitate the development of new preventive and therapeutic measures.

VirusBank Platform Objectives

Our Objectives

To support the development of novel prophylactic and therapeutic strategies, the VirusBank Platform consists of a rationalized, strategic collection of viruses that accurately represent each of the virus families with high epidemic/pandemic potential together with an associated extensive toolbox of methods and model systems for each virus to investigate the viral replication cycle and test new antiviral measures.

The VirusBank Platform comprises also large libraries of drug-like small-molecules that are essential to discover novel druggable targets in the replication cycle of viruses as well as to facilitate drug discovery and development efforts.

An international dedicated multi-disciplinary team of experts is continuously improving the platform by: